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Mining News

By Marc Davis

Fortune favours the bold, so they say.


This has so far proven true for the advanced-stage diamond explorer Dunnedin Ventures Inc. (TSX.V: DVI).


However, Dunnedin’s good fortune has merely been a steady build-up to the company’s long-awaited shot at glory.


An upcoming drill program in Nunavut -- with a planned start date of late March or early April -- has the potential to make history. Dunnedin is betting that Northern Canada’s expansive diamond fields have yet to reveal at least one more world-class diamond discovery.

It’s the Holy Grail of gold exploration.

Finding a so-called “elephant-sized” gold/copper porphyry deposit is what gold explorers dream of.

It assures lifelong bragging rights for the savvy geologists involved. And it offers investors a lucrative home-run win.

The problem is that fewer and fewer world-class gold deposits (at least five million ounces in size) are being found.

The current success rate is about one per year, regardless of how many companies are hunting for them and the approximately US $3 billion per year that is being spent in this quest worldwide.


By Marc Davis

By Marc Davis

It promises to be one of the world’s lowest-cost gold mines.
So suggests an updated pre-feasibility study (an initial blueprint for a mine) for the Mara Rosa gold deposit in Goias State in central Brazil.
The study’s findings were just announced by the deposit’s owner, Amarillo Gold Corp. (TSX.V: AGC) with its filing of the pre-feasibilty report on SEDAR.

By Marc Davis

Steady as she goes.
When charting a course to financial success, this is often the best way to proceed.
At least that’s the case when you’re benefiting from better-than-expected results from what you’re already doing.
That’s certainly the case for Dunnedin Ventures Inc. (TSX-V: DVI), which has an expansive 120,000 hectare diamond exploration/development property in Nunavut.


By Marc Davis

It’s the kind of back-slapping news that most mining industry executives dream of.   

Canadian start-up Millennial Lithium (TSX.V: ML) is discovering that its Pastos Grandes lithium deposit is bigger and richer in grades than was originally believed.

And that’s a big deal.

By commercializing Pastos Grandes, the company expects to generate large-volume lithium supplies from brine. And best of all, it can be done at a very low cost at the heart of Argentina’s economically-deprived hinterland


Today, Golden Dawn Minerals Inc. announced the completion of the $4 million USD financing with private equity fund RIVI Capital LLC of San Francisco, USA. This is a major milestone for the company and its shareholders as money is key to make the big step from exploration and development into production. With this major hurdle now behind, the press in Germany and coverage in North America may accelerate with production start coming closer.

On February 7, Steven Ralston of Zacks Research provided an update on Golden Dawn Minerals, raising the target market capitalization from $32 million to $50 million, which equates to a target price of $0.51 CAD/share. He provided the following outlook: 

By Marc Davis

What’s a reliable recipe for success in Canada’s gold mining business?

Here’s a great example.

Start with a growing gold inventory. Add a nearby mill and up-to-date mining permits.

Finally, add to the mix a CDN $5.2 million financing.

Now you have a turnkey, money-making business venture – one that offers near-term cash flow. And it’s also a business model that’s perfectly-primed to capitalize on resurgent gold prices.

By Jeff Nielson

Once upon a time, Western societies boasted prosperity, broad civil liberties, and general adherence to the Rule of Law. This prosperity was not confined to a small minority within these populations (as it is today), but rather was distributed throughout the vast majority.

It is not a coincidence that general prosperity existed simultaneously along side the Rule of Law, rather it is an imperative. Historically, the only time that human societies have exhibited general prosperity is when there is justice. In just societies, economic opportunities are available to all, while economic predation via fraud and other forms of unjust enrichment is closely policed.

Meet The Canadian Start-Up Catalyzing The Green Energy Revolution

By Marc Davis

High-power lithium-ion HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) batteries. (Photo: Argonne National Laboratory via Getty Images)

Thanks to the United Nations' recent Paris Agreement, its speedy integration is being mandated by governments throughout the industrialized world.

But the challenge still remains to make it significantly more affordable to encourage mass adoption at a consumer level.

Now a small Canadian start-up is developing a novel technological breakthrough to help solve this pressing problem. In fact, Vancouver-headquartered Pure Energy Minerals (TSX.V: PE) (US OTCQB: PEMIF) aims to play a key role in making the electrification of our energy supplies affordable.

How Gold Investment Gurus Turn Lemons Into Lemonade

By Marc Davis

The global economic recovery is stumbling badly. We all know that.

Even in the U.S., weakening corporate earnings are deflating stock prices. We can all see that, too.

What's not so obvious to most stock market investors is what to do next. How can they leverage a bad situation into profits, especially outsized ones?

Increasingly, the "smart money" is betting on gold. That is because gold bullion has traditionally been prized as a hedge against both economic malaise and political crises.

Why Betting On An Economic Meltdown Is Enriching Gold Investors

By Marc Davis

Something wicked this way comes!

So say many leading stock market forecasters, who worry that a bubbling witches' cauldron of global economic woes is in danger of boiling over.


Consequently, the threat of a renewed global recession looms large, they warn.

This is why investors have been flocking en-masse into physical gold, gold-backed exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and long-neglected gold mining equities since January.

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