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Chris Taylor’s Kodiak Copper Shoots for the Stars

By Marc Davis

kodiack 1.jpg

Every generation produces its business visionaries. In recent years, tech and social media luminaries like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey have garnered all the headlines and accolades.


This is because of their ability to create billions of dollars worth of value out of nothing more than ideas – ones that are meant to usher in a shiny new world with almost every convenience at our fingertips.Trend-setters like this may bedazzle the capital markets. But this makes investors more likely to overlook the opportunity to ride the coattails of similarly youthful visionaries in less fashionable industries. Especially traditional ones that are both capital-intensive and labour-intensive, too.

Go big or go home!


This corporate battle-cry is proving particularly effective for a select few enterprising Canadian gold explorers that realize the importance of amassing “district-scale” land positions to maximum the prospects of unearthing a few million ounces of gold, commonly referred to as “elephant-sized” discoveries.

To boost the odds of such world-class discoveries, these uber-ambitious companies have proven adept at piecing together large swathes of mineral claims within well-established gold belts. Accordingly, this provides the opportunity to generate multiple large drill targets over large areas.


Each one of which might prove to be a company-maker discovery. Alternatively, a cluster of smaller deposits strung out along a gold belt like beads on a pearl necklace might collectively amass into a multi-million-ounce jackpot.

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How Grooming Genesis for Success may Pay Off

By Marc Davis

Is ValOre Primed for PGM’s Perfect Storm?

By Marc Davis

valore 3.png

It promises to be one of the world’s lowest-cost gold mines.
So suggests an updated pre-feasibility study (an initial blueprint for a mine) for the Mara Rosa gold deposit in Goias State in central Brazil.
The study’s findings were just announced by the deposit’s owner, Amarillo Gold Corp. (TSX.V: AGC) with its filing of the pre-feasibilty report on SEDAR.

By Marc Davis

dun 1.jpg

It’s the perfect storm of opportunity.

With global demand for copper ramping-up once again, especially in China, Dunnedin Ventures (TSX.V: DVI) is finally poised to capitalize on its timely acquisition of three prospective company-maker porphyry copper-gold projects.

Led by a management team that has had considerable success in the discovery and development of world-class copper deposits, Dunnedin believes it is in the right place and at the right time -- especially because the Vancouver-based minerals explorer was able to purchase these key assets at virtual fire-sale prices during the depths of a prolonged mining slump.

Gold hunter Great Bear hits another home run

By Marc Davis

bear 1.jpg

A tantalizing twist in the tale

Company president Chris Taylor is happy to inform investors that these richly concentrated, near-surface vein systems merely represent the so-called icing on an expansive, prolifically-mineralized geological cake that runs many layers deep.

In fact, he compares the emerging LP Fault discovery to a rich chocolate layer cake laid on its side that measures up to 300 metres wide and at least 500 metres deep (though geological modelling suggests it has the potential to run to many times that depth). In this analogy, the chocolate icing layers represent high-grade vertical slabs or layers of gold concentrations plunging from near-surface to unknown depths. 

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