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By Jeff Nielson

Once upon a time, Western societies boasted prosperity, broad civil liberties, and general adherence to the Rule of Law. This prosperity was not confined to a small minority within these populations (as it is today), but rather was distributed throughout the vast majority.

It is not a coincidence that general prosperity existed simultaneously along side the Rule of Law, rather it is an imperative. Historically, the only time that human societies have exhibited general prosperity is when there is justice. In just societies, economic opportunities are available to all, while economic predation via fraud and other forms of unjust enrichment is closely policed.

Put in opposite terms, in societies which do not adhere to the Rule of Law we inevitably see a law-of-the-jungle culture emerge, where the most powerful (or simply the most unscrupulous) individuals are given free reign to swindle the masses. This is what Western culture represents today.

We live in Crime Syndicate societies, ruled over by the specific crime syndicate which regular readers know as the One Bank. Independent research indicates that it controls 40% of the entire global economy. Its choke-hold over Western societies is now nearly absolute. The devolution it has perpetrated in our nations which has allowed this crime empire to flourish can be boiled down to three particular facets.

i)     Monetary policy

ii)    Market manipulation

iii)   Corruption

It is an illustration of the enormous power wielded by the One Bank, that something which is supposed to be a tool of government – monetary policy – has been weaponized into a sledgehammer of financial crime. Yet the means by which the One Bank has transformed monetary policy from a tool into a weapon is ultimately very simple.

In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation.

-   Alan Greenspan, 1966

This euphemistic warning needs to be translated in order for the true importance of this principle to be clearly understood. In the absence of a gold standard, there is no way to prevent bankers from “confiscating savings” (i.e. stealing all the wealth) of any society, through the excessive creation of their paper funny-money.

When Greenspan uttered that warning, he was merely a naïve cockroach. His warning was directed toward the Wealthy, because it was Greenspan’s fear that “the Welfare Statists” were going to use excessive money-printing to take from the Wealthy to give to the People. Then Greenspan learned that it was the Ultra-Wealthy who planned on using our printing presses to steal all of the wealth of the People.

Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.

-   Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 – 1812)

As soon as Greenspan understood that this “class warfare” would be perpetrated by those on top against those on the bottom, he volunteered to lead the operation. Greenspan became Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

First, however, the One Bank had to direct its puppets to assassinate the last vestige of our gold standard. Then the stealing began.

The picture above is an unequivocal depiction of financial crime. All the decades where the U.S. money supply was represented by a flat, horizontal line indicate decades of (relative) legitimacy during the gold standard, where monetary policy was used as a tool.

Then we have the vivid illustration of monetary policy being transformed into a weapon as the slope changes from horizontal to vertical. It was (is) the most extreme theft-by-money-printing operation in human history: the Bernanke Helicopter Drop. As we see the rate of money-printing going fully vertical, this not only denotes the maximum rate of theft, it also illustrates the destruction of the U.S. dollar: its dilution/debasement to fundamental worthlessness.

However, money-printing is only one of the monetary policy weapons wielded by the One Bank as it economically cannibalizes our societies. Interest rates have also been transformed into a weapon of financial rape.

By definition; an interest rate must be a positive number, it is the price we pay for the use of (other people’s) capital. Obviously any so-called “0%” interest rate or “negative” interest rate is a prima facie fraud. A “0% interest rate” steals the use of other people’s capital: the thief gets the benefit of using other people’s capital, for free. With so-called negative interest rates, the thief not only steals the use of the capital, but steals the capital itself, at the specified rate.

These nakedly rapacious monetary policies have not only endured, they have been institutionalized in our economies. Here it must be understood that this level of monetary criminality could never exist without the other two, primary facets of the One Bank’s empire of crime.

Market manipulation – and the capacity to do so with near impotence – is another one of the pillars upon which the One Bank has focused its criminal operations. In previous decades, such manipulation was a laborious and imperfect undertaking, as each market had to be manipulated (more or less) independently. It was a process similar to herding cats and thus any sort of comprehensive manipulation was not possible.

All this has changed in the 21st century with the introduction of the One Bank’s market-rigging trading algorithms. To anyone with a sound understanding of statistics/mathematics, it is immediately obvious that the manipulative potential of these computer programs grossly outweighs any minor gains in “efficiency” which they bring to markets.

All that is necessary in order to use automated trading algorithms to completely control markets, 24/7, is to be able to control the data which is being fed into the algorithms. This point will be revisited later. Research into the (obvious) manipulative potential of these algorithms has just begun, however the preliminary findings are already highly revealing:

1)   75% of all U.S. equities show clear evidence of being manipulated by trading algorithms

2)   This market-rigging is “correlated” (i.e. perpetrated by a single Invisible Hand).

The proof that the One Bank uses its Master Trading Algorithm to rig markets is obvious. What will be less obvious to many readers is how this is done. As already noted, the key to perpetrating such crimes is to be in control of the data which is fed into the algorithm(s).

Here the One Bank relies upon one of its many tentacles, the Corporate media: the handful of gigantic media companies who (literally) control everything we see and hear. Via the Corporate media, the One Bank does not “report news”, it manufactures propaganda. In the case of our markets, it manufactures the propaganda which is used as inputs in its Master Trading Algorithm.

Of course, news is only one of the data inputs which must be controlled in order to exert absolute control over all markets. To wield ultimate control over markets, one must also be in control of government “statistics” – the numbers which drive our markets.

This brings us to the One Bank’s third facet of evil: saturation corruption. This endemic corruption is an inevitable result of allowing a crime syndicate to control the printing presses of all of our nations. Through its fraudulent/illegal money-printing and fraudulent/illegal interest rates, the One Bank has access to literally infinite quantities of funny-money – and politicians are notoriously cheap to buy.

The One Bank owns our governments. It owns our so-called regulators. It owns our so-called “justice” departments. It owns our judiciaries. The worst government that money can buy.

Through pulling the strings of its political puppets (and their administrative lackeys), the One Bank is able to manufacture “statistics” which say whatever it wants, specifically “statistics” which provide the data which allows the Master Trading Algorithm to march our markets up and down with complete control.

Note how these Three Faces of Evil overlap as the One Bank loots our societies. The extreme debasement of the U.S. dollar from the Bernanke Helicopter Drop has rendered it utterly worthless from a fundamental standpoint. Yet via the relentless (upward) manipulation of the U.S. dollar and relentless (downward) manipulation of all other currencies, the One Bank creates the illusion that the worthless dollar is “a strong currency”.

Its Big Bank tentacles have already been criminally convicted of manipulating all of the world’s currencies, going back to at least 2008. No one pays any attention to this.

The saturation corruption of our puppet governments allows the market manipulation, and allows extreme monetary crime masquerading as “monetary policy”. The market manipulation and criminalized monetary policies are this crime syndicate’s principal weapons of crime.

The reality of the One Bank is a monstrous truth which (once understood) causes many readers to abandon hope. How can we hope for a better future with a crime syndicate which exerts this level of power and control?

However, confronting the infinite malice of the One Bank is another universal truth which operates against any form of Tyranny of the Minority. Through our sheer numbers, it is ultimately the People who wield supreme power in all societies.

Previously, when Western nations were legitimate societies of citizens, we saw the Power of the People in action. When our governments attempted to engage in conduct which the Citizens of our societies opposed, we took to the streets.

We protested, in large numbers. We illustrated the Power of the People. And, inevitably, our “leaders” bent to the will of the People.

Today, we no longer have populations of Citizens. Brainwashed by the Corporate media, we now have herds of serfs: slack-jawed yokels who passively sit on their couches and wait to be told what they are supposed to think, about everything.

A group of Tyrants, no matter how powerful or how well-organized, can never reign over any society of citizens, for any extended length of time. Conversely, in societies of mindless serfs, these Sheep never summon the willpower to stand up to such corrupt authority until they are literally impoverished to the point of starvation.

Unfortunately, that day will be arriving – soon.

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